Send your written request for support at least one month before the next meeting date to the address for pleas in the footer.

The shorter and more precise your application is, the more effectively and efficiently we can examine it. Describe the purpose of your institution or the goal of your project and its target group, provide us with key financial and budget figures and preferably write a management summary!

The Foundation Board makes a final decision on applications and informs the applicants of its decision in writing (via eMail). It does not conduct any correspondence or telephone or personal discussions regarding negative application decisions or negative application triages.
The Foundation Board usually decides on applications in April and November.

In order to ensure a balanced allocation practice, however, it only evaluates one application of a specific applicant every three years at the most, and this is measured month-exactly on the basis of the application date.

Furthermore, it does not conduct consultative procedures.

Meeting dates 2024: 4/30 and 11/6.